Grubbs-Back Test and Multiple Grubbs Beck Test compared for the Godavari Basin: A Case Study


  • Vishakha Tiwari, Pratyasha Tripathi, Vishal Vincent Henry


In this paper, a few catchment areas of the Godavari river basin, Maharashtra, India, are used to compare the effectiveness of the Grubbs-Beck test and the multiple Grubbs-Beck testto detect discordant observations. It is found that the Multiple Grubbs-Beck test,is more effective while used for the Weibull distribution, than the original Grubbs-Beck test. It is observed thattheupper river station, no lower discordant observation was found when using the method of Grubbs test and in Indravati river station also no lower discordant observation was detected while using the method of Multiple Grubbs Beck test (MGBT)five surveycatchments.