Using Pop-Up Books to Develop Oral Language Performance Skills Kindergarten Children


  • Dr. Dalia Abdelwahed Mohamed Mohamed


The research aims to develop the oral language performance skills of kindergarten children through Pop Up Book designed for this purpose. The sample consisted of (30) children aged (5: 6) years. The experimental method was recognized, The tools included oral linguistic performance skills, presented through the pop-up book designed in Arabic, and oral linguistic performance skills test.The results were statistically significant at the level (0.01) on the sub-dimensions of the oral linguistic performance test in favor of the dimensional measurement, in addition to the design of a pop-up book for Arabic letters (search for the letter) directed to kindergarten children to learn Arabic language skills.It is considered a new educational tool that supports learning language skills, and dealing with printed material to understand and interpret the written text. The research made several recommendations, including the inclusion of pop-up books in teaching language skills in early childhood.