Factors Influencing Residential Satisfaction in Non-Gated Individual Housing; Case of Central India


  • Nandit Pastariya, Puneet Sharma


Housing is one of the fundamental component to human evolution which has always been imperative for individual wellbeing which makes it a vital component to address in the further development. Unfortunately, residential satisfaction in urban areas is degrading due to increase in population and decrease in quality of habitable and satisfactory living environment. The factors which influence the satisfaction level are essential to be considered while designing a residential unit. This research intends to assess the residential satisfaction level in the current growing non gated housing of central India. Successively, influential factors on residential satisfaction level are discussed based on physical, social and design characteristics. Assessment of residential units was prepared based on various satisfaction factors derived from literature study which were influential on the residential units. Results showed high dissatisfaction in the non-gated housing areas due to lack of fenestrations, not enough extra space, no public gathering area, and poor width to length ratio of plots and unable to use open spaces.