Biographical Comparative Analysis of Rolling Thunder and Mad Bear : An Ecocritical Exemplar


  • Dr. Saba Zaidi, Dr. Sardar Farooq Ahmad, Bakht Bibi, Mehwish Sahibzada, Nasira Shahid


This research has analyzed two renowned biographiesRolling Thunder (1974) and Mad Bear (1994) written by Douglas Boyd under the theoretical framework of Ecocriticism by Rueckert(1996). Significant Biographical Content by Ellis (1951) from Biographical Criticism is used as technique of analysis. Critical discussion predicts that Eurocentric paradigms to live a worldly successful life that is too much dependent on false logic has made the world a failure. In such a world existence has become crucial. Thus, to live a peaceful and blessed life harmony and coexistence are mandatory. A comparative analysis of both the mentioned biographies have delineated the same crux of successful life though with certain variation in their ways of delineation. The findings of research have projected that mutual cooperation and reliance is the core of existence. To plunder and to misuse the resources of nature is to waste them that would consequently lead to annihilation.