Virtual Space Design with Operations and Commercial Extension


  • Dr. Aparna K., Madhushree T.


Virtual platform with integrated policy based commercial frame design is provided to the users so that various types of commercial activities can we position from a central console. The system is designed in such a way that different interactive platforms can be obtained and through which various types of commercial activities can be cost effectively managed. Any type of design formats which are required is also provided so the users will be not confused that how different commercial pages are designed and they will be having multiple inbuilt choices. The system is also provided with various types of conditional setups which are needed to be acknowledged in reference to the usability so any type of related modification means can be obtained. System also recognizes analytical pattern which constitutes of different types of overview reports and summary Optimization reports so which type of real time activity that will be acknowledge can be navigated.Associations of various types of stakeholders of the business can also be collaborated with the help of digital distribution system which is being provided. Allocation of different types of crafting references which are required is also acknowledged within the system where convenient Association of the utilities are also provided so we can say that various types of crafting utilities inbuilt in the service platform which can be individually used. Self-organized regulations which are required to be acknowledged for various types of categorical solutions a properly drafted show any type of Identity references or any type of projections which are required can be easily arranged with the help of the system.