Mobile-based Intelligent Baby Monitoring System with Live Video Streaming


  • Dr. Ganesh D. R., Mr. Chithambarathanu M., Dr. Varalatchoumy M.


We live in the twenty-first century; parents of small children have jobs or employment. They may also have home responsibilities to fulfill. In today's fast-paced society, it is impossible to provide continuous care for a child. During the day, most children are looked for by family members such as grandparents, housemaids, or babysitters. But every parent can't assist someone to take care of their child. As a result, working and watching the infant at the same time could be difficult. The theft of newborn babies is common in India right now. The research building a cradle with far too many valuable features for these various types of parents. This project's implementation of an autonomous cradle makes use of extremely efficient and user-friendly technologies. The cradle is outfitted with controllers, sensors, and actuators. With the help of LM35 and a sound sensor that monitors the baby’s body temperature, it is possible to hear the infant wailing. The moisture sensor was used to monitor the baby's urination, and text message notifications were sent to parents via mobile. A servo motor is used to swing the cradle automatically. Finally, the device will use a camera for live telecasting of the infant's behaviours. An Internet of Things (IoT) technology has been mounted, allowing parents/guardians to monitor the baby in real-time from somewhere. The designed cradle system is the answer to many problems. The proposed infant monitoring technique helps to relieve stress from new and working parents.