Challenges for Academic Writers in the English Language: A Qualitative Study in the Context of Higher Education Students


  • Assist. Lect. Amjed Bashar


The expected standard of writing in Academic Journals is comparatively higher than in everyday English Language. The students moving abroad for pursuing higher degrees are also asked to write academic content and find it difficult as they not only have to shift to a different linguistic form but also an entirely different cultural shift. The skills of writing academic English also play a huge role in determining the kind of challenges faced by students during their higher education (Fareed, et al., 2016). Guidance is the most important factor for students in their academia to decide on the framework for their thesis. The faculties and mentors must step up to help students who take up this kind of work in their academic tenure. This recommendation shall be more useful when individuals can identify the common challenges they face while writing and the causes behind them. The study employed a qualitative study with six participants divided into two small groups. Individual objectives, learners' English proficiency, individual roles, and the use of collaborative agency were all elements that influenced team cooperation, according to the qualitative content analysis. The findings may assist instructors in designing collaborative writing activities and assisting EFL learners in the co-construction of writing tasks by elucidating the divergence of online collaborative writing and providing insightful information for instructors to design collaborative writing activities and assist EFL learners in the co-construction of writing tasks. Thus, moving further, the paper sets forth in establishing the facts which shall be utilized in understanding the common issues and problems students come across during their higher degrees while writing in the English Language.