Education Development in Indonesia Towards a New Era of Society 5.0


  • Deding Ishak


Education, Society 5.0, Industry 4.0, Technology


The emergence of society 5.0 will help various fields in human life. But of course, this needs to be accompanied by a readiness to face this new era. Education in Indonesia itself is still in the 4.0 era, where the use of the internet to carry out online learning has been created. Therefore, to continue to improve the quality of education in Indonesia, it is necessary to have readiness for education in Indonesia in facing the era of society 5.0. This study will use a qualitative approach with data sources derived from previous research and studies. The study results found that education in Indonesia can develop in several ways, such as building infrastructure in the field of education, developing human resources (HR), synchronizing education with the required industry, and using appropriate technology