City Branding Adaptation Strategy during the Pandemic


  • Iti Octavia Jayabaya, Herijanto Bekti, R. Widya S. Sumadinata, Ida Widianingsih


Lebak Unique, city branding, city branding process, tourism


The covid-19 pandemic certainly has an impact on all regions in Indonesia, including Banten Province. One of the affected areas in the province is Lebak Regency, where there were layoffs of several company employees due to their place of working deciding to go out of business. In addition to helping them to be list as recipients of Kartu Prakerja, the Lebak Regional Government is also trying to improve their economic conditions while at the same time introducking Lebak Regency through the Lebak Unique Program which uses a city branding approach. This research is based on Insch’s (2011) theory regarding the city branding process using qualitative methods. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that all stages in the city branding process have gone well where the Lebak Regency Government creates good communication between all parties, uses social media optimally, and has the ability to understand what is needed and what is owned by the region, so that Lebak Regency’s city branding can be carried out well even though it is hindered by the pandemic and there are several aspects that must be improved