Land Asset Management Owned by the Banten Provincial Government


  • Rina Dewiyanti, Didin Muhafidin, Rahman Mulyawan, Elisa Susanti


Regional Assets, Regional Asset Management, Land Assets


The government has the task of optimal asset management, so that these assets are able to provide added value for the region. Banten Province has 1,085 plots of land which are fixed assets with 615 or 56.69% of fields already have land certificates and 470 plots of land or 43.31% have not been certified, so it cannot be optimized to generate Regional Native Income. This shows that land asset management in Banten Province has not been carried out optimally. Based on these problems, there is a need for research containing a study on the management of land assets owned by the Banten Provincial Government in order to be able to contribute to increasing Regional Native Income. The study was conducted using qualitative methods and stage analysis based on asset management including (1) asset inventory; (2) legal audit; (3) asset valuation; (4) asset optimization, and (5) supervision and control. The results of the study in the form of strategies include (1) asset identification; (2) legal audit; (3) optimization of assets; (4) highest and use study (HBU Study), and (5) increased supervision and control.