Al Jandy's Citing with the Word of Arab Prose in an Explanation of Qala'id Al-Ta'rif in Morphology


  • Umer Zahid Muheisein Hamdan Al-Kubeisy, Dr. Jasim Muhammad Suheil Al-Any


This  research aims to study the inference of Explanation of the Religion Sharaf al-Din Al-Jandi in the words of the Arabs Al-Manthur in his book, Explanation of the Qala’id Al-Definition in the science of morphology, and to clarify the importance of the words of the Arabs to the compilers, and the most important controls that the scholars set to accept their words, from sayings, languages, and the third, as well as clarifying the percentage of the explanation’s inference in the words of the Arabs  And the highest of these inferences and the extent of their interest in this way.