Expression with Marginal Significance to Analyze Graphic Taste in the Qur’anic Vocabulary


  • Ahmed Abdel Fattah Naim Mashary, Dr. Yasser Ihsan Rashid


Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our master Muhammad and all his family and companions:

And yet:

The graphic analysis practiced by the interpreter in order to clarify the choice of the Qur’anic vocabulary stems from his reliance on “marginal signification” or what is called in modern semantic studies “shades of meaning ,” which means: revealing what the Qur’anic term reduces to marginal semantic overtones in a special context, and then a statement of the secret The beauty hidden in the Quranic pronunciation.

The method of graphic analysis of the Qur’anic vocabulary begins with the interpreter attempting to replace similar linguistic elements with linguistic elements from which the surah was formed.

The commentators had procedural methodsThey expressed this type of interpretation, and after a long contemplation of the rhetorical and rhetorical exegesis of the Holy Qur’an, I concluded that their expression of the rhetorical meaning is based mainly on the style (expression with marginal significance). Analyzing the graphic taste in the Qur’anic vocabulary ) and this research has focused on clarifying the graphic meanings found in the Qur’anic vocabulary based on the most important sources and references in this art

The research was divided into an introduction and three demands, namely: the first requirement: analysis of the Qur’anic vocabulary, the second requirement: the method of analyzing the phonetic significance, the third requirement: the method of analyzing the structure of the Quranic vocabulary, interspersed with some divisions called for by the research methodology, and then followed it with a conclusion.

I faced many difficulties, including:

  1. The weakness of the Internet, which was referred to some new research published on the Internet
  2. The lack of sources that search for graphic studies in the field of Quranic interpretation.

It is God's success and payment.