( Imam Abu Omranjounislave the king The son of Habib ( T .: 128 AH ) and his sayings explanatory at Verses intimidation ).


  • Tariq Habib Shalal Al-Mohammadi, Dr. Muhammad Daoud Musa Al-Obaidi


Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and the best prayer and peace be upon our master Muhammad and all his family.

Next: The Noble Qur’an transmitted to us With the miraculous frequency in its systems, and it did not expand in its interpretation and interpretation, he explained and it is many Among them were those who interpreted it in full , and some of them interpreted some of its verses, and the Qur’an was interpreted in different ways, including: Tafsir according to the aforementioned, and Tafsir bi -Ray, and Tafsir al-Bayan. Interpretation of some of his verses , and his interpretation was dominated by quoting from the Israelites without any support. As he died in the third decade of the second century AH, and he explained a few in the language, and he explained some verses in Hebrew and Syriac . Under the title of ]Imam Abu Imran al-Jawni Abd al-Malik bin Habib (T.: 128 AH), I chose from his explanatory statements on some verses of intimidation [. After this introduction , it was divided into two sections : I dealt with in the first topic: a translation of Abu Imran al-Jawni, which contains five demands: The first requirement: his name His nickname, birth, and title. The second requirement: his upbringing and death, the third requirement: his culture, his sheikhs, and his students, the fourth requirement: his scientific position among scholars and the scholars’ sayings about him, and the fifth requirement: his approach to interpretation. The second topic: Al-Jawni’s sayings in the interpretation of some verses of intimidation , and it contains three demands: the first requirement: an explanatory rule for Al-Jouni, the second requirement: the punishment of the unjust in the world , and the third requirement: the torment of those who deny the messengers. I faced many difficulties, including: