The HR Analytics and Metrics with Reference to Banking Sector: “A Study on Oragnizational Performance, Training and Development and Recruitment”


  • V. B. Deepthi Jyothi, Dr. Kiran Kumar T.


Measures used to control the efficacy and efficiency of HR policies are known as HR metrics. People analytics, workforce analytics, and talent analytics are all terms used to describe HR analytics, which is the process of determining how much an organization's staff contributes to its overall success. Analytics is the study of what's occurring and why, and how it's affecting other things. In the context of HR Analytics, measures such as recruitment costs, training expenditures, and performance evaluations are addressed. There is just one person responsible for these metrics: the HR manager. According to this article, the human resources department plays an important role when it comes to the implementation and use of HR Analytics and metrics in the banking industry. "Benchmarking is defined as the method of discovering and applying industry-wide best practices to boost performance," according to Wikipedia. It is now being used by banks to improve corporate performance after a successful adoption in the industrial sector.