A new medium for the detection and production of bacterial alkaline phosphatase


  • Zainab Owaid Shatti, Baidaa Mijbel Ali, Sawsan Hassan Authman, Basam Basim Mohammed


bacterial alkaline phosphatase, culture media, Klebsiella spp, Phragmites spp


Different types of culture media are used for culturing bacteria isolates to having a pure colonies, a lot of bacterial types can be growing in the research laboratory condition on a express medium, some bacterial isolates have need of a complex culture medium and because production in all in over the world, especiallyin the development country efforts  be there made to synthesis a cultural medium as naturally to the investigation for alkaline phosphatase production and detection from different bacterial genus. In the new natural culture medium used reed plant abstract (phragmites austuralis). The component of the medium was available locally and found quite efficient in enriched and detection of the enzyme. The results displayed that the difference amongst prepared new culture medium and the controller culture medium in growth of bacterial isolates. the natural culture medium was inexpensive, available, easy preparation in addition to capable to detect the production of alkaline phosphatase enzyme