Online Marketing Techniques Impact on Shopping Behaviour in Hyderabad


  • Dr. Hareesh Kumar T., Dr. P. Sujendra Swami


The present young generation first friend is mobile and digital technology. Their day start with smart phone message / mail updates and plans that particular day schedule accordingly. This phenomenon made the corporate companies to think thrice in their product promotional strategies to attract, retain and commercialize youth phone addiction. This though process show a path for digital marketing concept for advertisement of products. Finding unique ways to present the right content and the right advertising to the right consumer at the right moment is what digital marketing is all about. While print media and television advertising remain popular, reading and viewership have declined, and people are shifting their attention to pay-per-view content provided by internet platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. As a result, digital marketing is the key to reaching customers in the future. As a result, the goal of this research is to raise public awareness of the efficiency of digital marketing via social media commercials. Digital marketing has become more important in the modern world. The potential for a new customer group to develop from new media is enormous. Through a reporting communication mix, this new paradigm investigates a platform for understanding customer benefits and wants. Teenagers play a critical role in gaining a grasp of modern media. Companies have identified this section as the most promising among the others. This paper is focusing on sales increase among youth with the tools of digital marketing as practice to attract and retain customers through this mode.