The Effectiveness of Social Work Professional Intervention Programs in Protecting the Egyptian Children: A Meta-Analysis Study


  • Nabil Mohamed Mahmoud Aboulhassan


Background: Social work is a global practice which helps and enables deprived groups of society such as children, woman, elders and others. This current research was conducted in order to observe the role of social work interventions among child protection and its effectiveness on reduction of psycho-social disturbances among children.

Methodology: This is a meta-analysis study which was conducted in Egypt using journals from famous Arabic journals using key terms such as “Egyptian child” “child welfare” etc. out of total n=236 studies n=15 studies were included and further considerations only n= studies were included after exclusion of studies related to experiments, heterogeneous population and populations other than children. Articles from only Egypt from 2010-2016 were involved in the research.

Results: Results of the research suggests the effectiveness of social work interventions for child protection along with its positive effect on reducing psycho-social stressors among children.

Conclusion: social work is a need of time especially for children and help from government and special focus on mental health of children can help in child protection and better mental health.