Use and Awareness of Electronic Resources among the Students of K S R Institute of Dental Science and Research in Tiruchengode, Tamil Nadu – a Case Study


  • K. Ramakrishnan, Dr. Capt. T. Magudeeswaran


The Dental College Library surveys have become the useful tool to get the information about library electronic resources and other services to meet the needs of the students. It has chosen stratified random sampling technique printed questionnaire has been distributed in Dental College Student respondents of K S R Institute of Dental Science and Research. With regard to the users, 100 questionnaires are distributed.  Of which, 83 were filled in and received and therefore the response rate is 83.00 percent. It is a chance to find what the information, survey or want from the selected Dental College library. It is a procedure of data gathering that gives tools, facilities and services to collect the data.