The Problem of Man, Age and its Reflection on Postmodern Arts


  • Ban Sameer Shihab Al-Azzawi, Dr. Abbas Nori Al-Fatlawi


The current study deals with the relationship between man and age) and the accompanying marginalization of the entire value and moral system,  this is what makes the relationship between man and age more severe and deviation from the familiar contexts in research and in all fields, which makes the idea of belonging to the general system of art history problematic or intersecting and the reflection of all this on the experiences and visions of postmodern Western plastic art in form, content, style and techniques.

            The study community was accurately limited, so the researcher was forced to adopt what is available and documented from books, magazines, and Internet sites, including the sites of some artists on the World Wide Web.In view of the vast movements and trends of postmodern arts, it is difficult to limit society or frame it with a final number of artistic productions within the postmodern time period, in a way that covers the limits of study and achieves its objective. 

                        The researchers adopted the descriptive analytical approach and chose three samples from the study community.