Introductions to Interpretations between Importance and Rooting


  • Mahmoud Matni Khalaf Fihan, Dr. Ahmed Khtal Mikhl Al-Obaidi


Thank God, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and prayers be upon our Master Muhammad and on his family and companions, but after:

If the order of a flag in which the concerns of Muslim scholars are dismissed, it is the science of the book, the house, it is the word of God, which is not brought from his hands or behind him by downloading from Hakim Alim, in which guidance and healing for Muslims, mercy, statement and good preaching, if spent In it the ages of human beings i realized all the hollowness, and if all efforts were made what is exhausted from the specific mentioned, hence the word of the scholars of the Islamic nation came together to take care of the interpretation of the Great Qur'an, its statement and study, and to draw its great treasures, and the people of Because of their study, their methods of presenting his sciences varied, and their projects differed in clarifying his mechanics.


I have touched on the study and research of the science of interpretation and research in an urgent desire that the interpretation of the Great Qur'an be one of the ways in which the Muslim returns to the Qur'an a true return, deals with it as the righteous ancestors dealt with it, and receives it with full acceptance and satisfaction as if he had been brought down, as if he had been brought down with every verse in it, as if he were responsible for communicating it to the people and applying it in himself first and then in his family, his community and all human rehab.

I chose to look at the introductions to interpretations because it is of great importance because the introduction is considered the core of what is in the book  of interpretation, and when reading the introduction understands the content of the book, it also showed in the first research: the importance of introductions and their origin, and in the second research: rooting the interpretive approach and the function of the introduction.