Glitch in the Qur’an


  • Ali Saleh Hashim Al-Azraqi, Asaad Ahmed Salim Al-Ghanim


Glitch , the Qur'an , the meaning , the statement , the significance


The Book of God remains on the throne of linguistic interest and a flowing source from which researchers draw, whether in the bosom of the old lesson or in the bosom of the modern lesson. In it there is creativity that is not in others and the abundance of the word. The splendor of style. And the depth of the idea, to the extent that it was unable to supply scientists. And blow the minds of writers. It is the creation of the Lord of Lords, and it is made of the Lord of the spices, so that the worlds may be a harbinger and a harbinger.

Proceeding from feeling the importance of the Qur’anic lesson, and the creativity that can be in it, the research has begun to explain the word “ghal” and its diversity in the Holy Qur’an. And its multiple implications.

The research was divided into three sections, and the first study explained the reason for the revelation of each verse. The second topic has the meaning of the word “gul” in the verse. The third topic has the meaning of the word “gul” in the context of the speech, and the results are summarized in the conclusion of the research