Biomimetics an Ultraconservative Treatment for Crack Tooth- an Original Research


  • Deepyanti Dubey, Shazia Mahreen, Gurinder Kaur, Piyush Kumar, Hetal Khuva, Trina Mukherjee


Biomimetics dentistry is typically applied to restorative and esthetic dentistry, but it can be applied to any dental discipline. It refers to the repair of affected dentition mimicking the characteristics of a natural tooth in terms of appearance, biomechanical, and functional competences. Among ultraconservative modalities, chemical treatments of discoloured, cracked and carious tooth represent the most biomimetics option due to the total conservation of remaining intact tooth. A simplified three increment technique is used in the current study. Composite were placed in increment and the ribbond was inserted a layer prior to the final layer of composite was placed. In the current study the tooth was crack present supragingival of a depth upto 5.5 mm which was effectively restored with the help of composite and ribbond. Soft start pulse curing was done to minimize polymerization shrinkage.