A Game-Theoretic Approach to analyze academic intent


  • Himani, Jyoti Lohani, Dr. Goonjan Jain


Minimax Theorem, Payoff, Two-person-zero-sum game, Saddle Point.


This paper aims to apply the game theory approach to analyze people’s preferences for academic intent. A set of factors influencing people’s choice between public and private schools was identified. The approach was to find a person’s preference based on those factors. To collect the relevant data, a form was circulated, and then by finding the saddle point using the minimax theorem in a two-person zero-sum game the value of the game and the optimal strategy were determined. The result of the approach showed that the value of the game was 4 which implies that the game was favorable to public schools. The result also showed that people prefer public schools more due to their cost of education while private schools attribute their preferences to the facilities provided by them