Covariance in dimensions of handwritten signature: a new parameter for signature comparison and verification.


  • Mrinmayee Vinayak Kale, Dr Pooja Ahuja


Covariance, Signature analysis, Signature Comparison, Signature Verification


Handwritten signature verification is most challenging area in manual as well as machine-based comparison and verification. Signatures are used for establishing authorship of signing individuals as means of personal identification. All traditional methods as well as digital verification systems have wide scope in further research as we seek more and more efficient system that would properly extract vital parameters for comparison and verification of signatures by ruling out false acceptance and false rejection of questioned signature. In this paper, we present simpler yet robust relationship in two distinctive measurements of handwritten signature. This study will be useful for manual or expert signature comparison and verification as well as in developing software for handwritten signature verification because of its simple application and processing as one of the vital parameters along with existing ones in handwritten signature verification