The Future of Ecolinguistics in Plantation and Agriculture in Indonesia and Some Suggested Strategic Learning Materials


  • Sawirman Sawirman, Yafed Syufi, Yessy Markolinda


ecolinguistics, plantation, agriculture, learning materials


This article aims to support the development of ecolinguistic studies in plantations and improve the role of linguists on a strategic level. There are multiple cases in the plantation like deforesting and cultivating a new land until the generic products show many linguistic cases. This study focuses on how far ecolinguists have already analyzed linguistic cases in plantation and agriculture. This article also suggests new learning materials develop ecolinguistic studies. was used to check 27 web pages and 119 concordances. Some farmers and company leaders were also interviewed to collect the data. Triangulation techniques were used to validate the interpretation. Based on the findings of collocation and the equivalence on prove that ecolinguistics does not study the field of plantation and agriculture yet. Based on the linguistic cases in previous palm oil researches in West Sumatra and Kalimantan, Indonesia, new strategic learning materials are also suggested to develop ecolinguistics