Legal Justice System of Pakistan Imprisoned in Maneuvered Professionalism:Causes and Remedies


  • Dr. Abdul Qudus Sial, Amjad Hussain


People of Pakistan are governed under the Pakistan Constitution 1973. All constitutional characteristics are of profound interest of each individual of the society. Astonishingly, most of the features, neither properly exist nor expected to grow in near future; instead, they are reverting back by the passage of time. Judicial organ with all its perks and privilegesis illuminating yet facing criticism on escalating litigation backlog.Bar Councils and Associations are losingprofessionalism. Legal fraternity,to some extent, is abusingtheirfacts finding mission and not performingtheir contributory role as officers of courts.This fragmentation has produced inclination in legal practitioners to practice alternative irregular options outside the courts.Witnesses’ credibility has been pushed at stake and testimonial tendency is decreasing.Genuine litigants are losing hope for timely justice and frivolous litigation is increasing for vested interests and defeating the cause of justice.

The current study is aimed at investigating root causes of delay in disposal of cases, expressed or implied obstruction by legal professionals, evading tendencies of administration, ignorance of public for remedials and finally the decreasing role of judiciary for keeping the justice system at track. The doctrinal method of research has been adopted to conduct the study.