Consumer Behavior Features of Youth in Uzbekistan and the Main Factors that Changed it


  • Sanjar Anvarovich Choriev, Dilshod Murodovich Khudoyberdiev


The article is dealt with the peculiarities of consumer behavior of youth in Uzbekistan and the factors that change these characteristics. According to the authors, these features are associated with the fact that young people that are in the process of formation of consumer behavior, instability, variability of the principles applicable to the selection of consumer products, maximalist nature, skepticism, innovation. The characteristics of consumer behavior of youth change under the influence of family environment, social roles, occupation, and lifestyle. It reveals that the consumer behavior of young people in Uzbekistan today has a special character due to the country's integration into the world community, economic growth, media development, increasing attention to foreign literature and art, the transformation of spiritual culture into consumer and commercial products.Consumer behavior, youth consumer behavior content, youth consumer behavior characteristics, youth consumer behavior criteria, youth consumer behavior changing factors as well as period characteristics will have different meanings according to the country in which they live. Nevertheless, it is possible to express the common features that constitute the content of consumer behavior in youth.