Effect of Yoga Training in Overcoming and Building Psychological Wellbeing During Post-Partum Phase.


  • W. Vinu, D. Devaki, M. Rajkumar, A. S. Logeswaran



The background of this study is to create and develop a psychological well-being in the post-pattern phase of women.


Fifty postpartum women with mean scores of 13.69 depression, 14.93 anger, and 12.76 tension was assed using “mood and self-esteem scale” were randomly assigned to a yoga group (N = 25) and a control group (N = 25) assigned. The yoga intervention consisted of 16 teaching units over 8 weeks. The consequences were depression, anger, and tension.


The yoga group experienced a significantly higher rate of improvement in depression, anger, and tension compared to the control group with moderate to large effects. Reliable change index analyses showed that an average of 13% of decreases in depression, 12% of decreases in anger, and 12% of decreases in tension in women in yoga groups experience a clinically significant change.


Overall, this work offers a successful approach to yoga as a promising complementary therapy for the postpartum period of women, and more detailed analysis is needed to determine the phases of this study.