*Impact of IEP given to CWID at the Time of Joining and Interim Stage of Special Training*


  • Dr. V. Nandini, Dr. Anuradha K.


The present study aimed to find out the difference between two stages i.e., joining and interim stages of special training through IEP (Individualized Educational Programme) given to Children With Intellectual Disabilities (CWID). The sample consisted of 353 children with intellectual disability undergoing special training at Bavitha Readiness Centers in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India. The results of IEP training given to CWID is measured through Madras Development programme system (MDPS, Prof.P. Jayechandran, et. al,1968). The concerned mean scores were computed and compared at two stages of special training given to children i.e., at the time of joining and after two years of training with paired t-test of significance. The findings revealed that the overall score as well as its 14–scales score of special training (IEP) improved after providing 2 years of special training to the children as compared to the time of joining the school.