Institutional model Practices on Inclusive Education: A Case study of Montfort School, Guwahati


  • Salomy Joseph, Dr. Princy Thomas


The concept of inclusive education and its practice is emerging, and more educational institutions are transforming to this new education model.Inclusive education means education for all students irrespective of their perceived difference, disability, or other social, emotional, cultural, or linguistic difference. This case study is developed based on the primary data collected from the principal, teachers, special educators, and alumni. It provides an overview of various practices, facilities, and strategies used by Montfort School Guwahati to implement an inclusive education system. The study shows the infrastructure facilities, curriculum, evaluation system, and strategies followed by the school to run a successful inclusive education system. The study also highlights the transformation of the specially-abled students and their holistic development.The present study will be useful for the schools planning to start inclusive education. It will also be helpful to teachers, special educators, students, parents, and architects to understand the functioning and requirements of inclusive education.