Nursing Assist Robot for Patient Care Applications


  • Shivcharan Singh Gandhar, Dr. Vasanthakumari Sundararajan, Dr. Sudharani B. Banappagoudar, Anjali Gupta, Dr. N. Kripa, Dr. Abbas Kazim


The design and deployment of a Nurse Assistant Robot with a Voice Recognition System is discussed in this study, which aids Nurses in reducing needless contact with patients. This robot's key feature is that it is a line follower robot with an obstacle detection system as well as a Voice Recognition (VR) Module. The PIC16F877A is employed as the brain of the project, while the Arduino UNO microcontroller board based on the Microchip ATmega328P is used as the supporting controller. The purpose of the Arduino UNO is to produce binary patterns that correlate to the output of the Voice Recognition module. Both a line detector and an obstacle detector, the IR Proximity Sensor module is employed. The Voice Recognition Module will assess the patients' demands and requirements and present them on the 16x4 LCD Display. As a result, the Nurse or any other authorized person may comprehend the patient's requirements and cater for them remotely.