Low Back Pain Physiotherapy, Survey Study


  • Gufran Hade Seood, Eman Ahmed, Sara Ali Razzak


Physiotherapy, low back, pain, massage, heat, mobilization.


The purpose of this research was to analyze the contemporary physical therapy care of the patients with LBP in Iraq. For the reporting of this survey, the Checklist for Reporting Results of Internet E-Surveys was employed. For this cross-sectional inquiry, an online poll was undertaken among physical therapists around the Iraq. Researchers gathered information in October and December of 2020. The survey was completed by a total of 1173 physical therapists. Twenty-six questionnaires were rejected. The results of a survey conducted by 1173 people were included into the study. View, participation, and completion rates were not measured. A total of 753 women (64.2%) and 420 men (35.8%) out of 1173 physical therapists completed the survey. As a group, the average patient age was 43 years, and the average number of years in the medical field was 14. The majority of physical therapists (n = 913, or 77.8%). Among those with acute low back pain, lumbar spine mobilization (n = 986), heat therapy (n = 764, 65 percent), and behavioral therapy (n = 648, 55.2%) were the most frequently used treatments. When it came to massage (n = 548, 46.7 percent) and Kinesio Taping (n = 314, 26.7 percent).