Role of United Nations for Promotion and Protection of Women’s Rights and gender equality on International Level


  • Vijay Gathala, Dr. Vijay Laxmi Sharma


Reachingto equal status of men and women and removing all sorts ofdiscernmentfor women is among the primary aims of United Nations. Defilementof fundamental rights of women is a matter of concern worldwide. Women's rights do not get priority in many regions. A very well-drafted strategy is needed to confirm the practice of female's rights worldwide. We should thoroughly understand the major factors that cause discrimination against women and how we can eliminate them and ensure equality among all human beings irrespective of their gender.

The united nations have addressed women's human rights for many years. Their constant efforts have resulted in direction of progress of female's rights in many nations. Even after so many positive changes have taken place, lots of work is still yet to be done. Based on nationality, age, health status, ethnicity, education, marital status, socio-economic status, and other grounds, women get discriminated against in many parts of the world in their respective communities and societies. A country's development depends on women's social, political, and other vital structures. So, eliminating combating discrimination in all its forms is the first and foremost requirement for the development of humanity.

This paper highlights women’s human rights, laws framed on an international level to protect and promote these rights, conferences that took place on a global level that proved to be a milestone in securing women's rights, and prime bodies of United Nations to work in this direction. This paper aims to get a thorough understanding of the present situation of Rights for women and significant challenges in practicing these rights. It paves the way for a more aware and conscious pool of human beings who can develop a safe, peaceful, and encouraging world for women.