Assess the Effectiveness of Mindfullness Meditation Therapy to Reduce Depression among Alcohol Dependent-A Pilot Analysis


  • Nirmala N., Dr. V. Hemavathy


. Alcohol use disorder and depression are often occur together and one can make the other worse if not treated properly, vice versa as one improve other may improve too.  More than  300 million people experience depression world wide, People become psychological dependent on alcohol become use it as self-medication with depression.  The path ways leading to the development of  co occurring  alcohol use disorder and depression are complex and intertwined. Mindfulness meditation is a mental training which will slow down racing thoughts and calm both mind and body by fully focused on “the now’ rather than past and future. It  helps practitioners focus their attention intentionally and non judgementallyaccept his thoughts ,feelings,and sensations.S.Bowen et al, Unpublished observations, 2007 stated  that the participants  in the study  get reduced their drinking experience,lessening in the severity of alcohol addiction and effective for relapse prevention, reduced level of anxiety, depression,stress, craving and improve biomarker measurers of  health and stress.Many studies revealed that mindfulnessmeditation therapy is highly effective in reducing level of  depression   among alcohol dependent.