Equalizing Inequalities of Gender through Education Analysis of Kamala Bhasin’s poem ‘BECAUSE I AM A GIRL, I MUST STUDY’


  • Dr. M. Sandra Carmel Sophia, Hari Sri Padma. M, K. Durga Rao,


Women, Education, Confidence, Readiness, Gender Equality, Identity, Real life.


Women’s education has always been a tool for social, political and economic changes in any country. A stepping stone to one’s success, education creates confidence and readiness in the people for varied professions. Many women are educated formally right from primary education to doctoral level. But one should beware that life itself is a great dictionary for humans to receive education from experiences of life. ‘Life is our Dictionary’ said Emerson in The American Scholar. True to this, the experiences of a person become a life dictionary where one can find meaning and answers to all the queries. So this paper attempts to explore how women desire and strive to obtain education formally to carve a niche for themselves and accomplish gender equality amidst inequalities thrust on them in the society and respond to real-life situations, consequently changing their lifestyles.