Theoretical foundations of collaboration learning in the lessons


  • Dadajanova Dilbar Abdurashidovna, Zayniyeva Khilola Shukhratullayevna, Khudoyberdiyeva Zumrat Khudayberdiyevna, Muzaffarova Nodira Mardonovna, Turmanov Tokhir Makhmarajabovich


approaches to teaching, educational cooperation, innovation in teaching, educational globalization, active implementation, methodological strategies, involvement in the project, acts of communication, simultaneous interaction, to be involved in the learning process, positive interdependence, team member, participation of everyone, personal responsibility, communicative activity, cognitive activity.


Currently, the school traditionally directs its main efforts towards teaching the specific content of curricula, mainly paying attention to subject-oriented (meaningful) knowledge. Learning about different approaches to teaching, collaborative strategies, including group learning, occurs spontaneously. An analysis of the works of general and special pedagogy and psychology showed that recent years have been characterized by increased attention to this problem.