Improving Students’ Critical Thinking Skills Through Narratives


  • Nur Fauzia, Oikurema Purwati, Syafiul Anam


Critical thinking, narratives, improving student’s ability


These objectives of the study are to find out how do narratives improve students’ critical thinking and to examine the effectiveness of reading narratives in improving student’s critical thinking skills. This study used mixed methods, which integrates qualitative and quantitative approaches into a single study. The research was conducted at SMPN 14 Surabaya particularly to the students of ninth class. The results obtained are narratives can improve students’ critical thinking. The teaching-learning process of narratives aids students in comprehending the texts and improve their analytical thinking. Based on the students’ percentage score, there is a significance difference before and after the treatment to the ability of student’s critical thinking. The improvement of students’ critical thinking through narratives are also supported by the observation checklist and interview result which conclude that narratives are effective in improving students’ critical thinking skills