The structures of the augmented verbs and their connotations in the Holy Qur’an Surat (Al-Baqarah) as a model






Perhaps one of the reasons for choosing this study is that the science of Arabic morphology did not receive the attention of the students, as Sunuh and his peer grammatical science did not receive the attention of its students, due to the students’ feeling of difficulty in some of its issues and issues.

The science of morphology is one of the important sciences of Arabic, and it is not hidden from every student and researcher its importance, as it is needed by all those who work in the language, and it is no less important than the science of grammar.

 Perhaps the topics of the increase in buildings are among the most important topics of exchange, due to the new connotations and meanings this increase brings

As for the reason for choosing Surat Al-Baqara, it is because this Surah provides a large number of morphological structures that cover most of the uses, which makes the study useful.

The scientific material that I collected required dividing the research into an introduction and two sections. I mentioned in the preface the definition of the vocabulary of the title of the research and dealt with in the first section the meanings of the forms of increase in the verb more with one letter and include (do, subject, and verb). As for the third topic, it was devoted to the meanings of the forms of increase in the verb more Two letters and more with three, the most prominent of which are (to activate, to interact, to activate, and to activate), and then in the conclusion I mentioned the most prominent results of the research.

 I hope that this humble work will be of benefit to those who would like to seek shade from the Arabic tree, hoping that God Almighty would accept this work and make it a treasure for us in our hereafter.