The Language of Egyptian Rumors on social media: A Critical Linguistic Analysis Based on Heidegger's Theory of Language.


  • Dr. Ahmed A. A. Ibrahim,


rumors, Heidegger, Appropriation, frequency, subjunctive future, tenses.


This is a data-based study that deals with the philosophical and linguistic analysis of rumors implanted by Egyptian Twitters and Facebook groups that try to embed rumors online, and how people may react to these rumors in these media. The theoretical framework adopted in the present study is that of M. Heidegger (1971). The software will see the frequency of occurrence of certain linguistic clues in the language of rumors and how these clues represent significance in Arabic rumors. Heidegger posits that language can ‘master human beings’ through several steps as ‘Semantic Framing’ and ‘Appropriation.’ This will presumably be followed by linguistic ‘alienation’ and finally no attempt on behalf of the reader to question the validity of these rumors. Statistical analysis of the data will yield some results as the type of linguistic structure used by both supporters and opponents of an issue.