The use of clam shell powder as a natural coagulant and zeolite sand as a media in the water purification process (water turbidity and fe level) on a household scale


  • Sumihardi, Orisinal, Maryono, Mahaza


Shell powder, zeolite sand, water purifier, Ferrum


Dug well water with turbidity and high Fe level, requires a treatment. During this time, the purification process uses alum synthetic coagulant and PAC. The use of both coagulants causes drinking water contains alum residue and sludge/ mud toxicity. As an alternative, it utilizes clam shell and zeolite sand. This study aims to determine whether there is an effect of clam shell powder as a natural coagulant and zeolite sand as a media in the process of water purification in decreasing water turbidity and Fe level. The study was an experimental study with a pretest and post-test design, the population was dug well water and the sample was 40 liters containing turbidity and high Fe level. The study was conducted in the workshop at a department and examination of turbidity and Fe levels in the Regional Health Laboratory. Data were analyzed descriptively by comparing drinking water quality standards. The results showed that the first treatment reduced the turbidity from 37 NTU to 1 NTU and Fe Levels from 6.346 mg / l to 0.650 mg / l, in the second treatment, the turbidity dropped from 37 NTU to 0 NTU and Fe levels from 6,346 mg / l to 0,650 mg / l. It is recommended that drinking water that sourced from dug wells can use a filter with 5 kg clam shell powder and zeolite sand with 30 cm of thickness.