A Study on Work-Life Balance of a Female Employee in Indian Industry


  • Thangjam Ravichandra, Dr. G. Radha Krishna Murthy, Amit Verma, Dr Lakhvinder Kaur


Work-life balance, personal life, job performance, flexible working hours, Work-life stress, Indian Industry


Work-life balance is a crucial factor for every female employee to achieve success. Each Industry has diverse plans, policies, procedures, practices, and programs to help their employees to succeed in the balance between their work engagements and family engagements. Some policies are legal while others are involuntarily implemented. The main motto of this study is to insight out about the technology change, increased work Pressure with constant deadlines, co-existing virtual workplace and changing demographic profile such as gender, experiences, an increase of disposable income inflation, improving living standard have encouraged the importance of the provision of work-life balance in the industrial sector. In the modern era, it is essential especially for females as they play a dual role. The Research Paper depicts the direction of work-life arrangement for the female employee in the Indian industry.