Significance of Traditional Knowledge in Modern Medicine Making and Health Care System in India


  • Meghna Biswas, Dr. Ramesh Kumar,


drug discovery, traditional medicines, modern medicines, bio diversity, health care system.


Modern knowledge is a result of aboriginal people’s knowledge and this has taken a shape of technological advancement over the years. This research paper elucidates the significance of the traditional knowledge when it comes to medicine making in the modern era. There has always been an ongoing debate as to which is one better, the traditional medicines or the modern medicines. This research paper tries and explains that despite the age of science and innovations, there is an importance of the knowledge of the indigenous communities while talking about a cost effective health care system in India. The paper introduces to the concept of traditional knowledge which in itself is not a new notion and had been there with us from long term. The paper then takes a dig into attempts made by the Indian government in order to protect and conserve the traditional knowledge in medicine making and also otherwise. In addition, various national legislations have been described but still there is a need to have a channelized legal system for the purpose of connecting modern medicines with the traditional medicines. To sum up, the paper concludes that traditional knowledge is important in the development of new medicines and both can work together effectively as well as efficiently.