How did covid-19 make a change in our living pattern? A survey by the use of statistical models


  • Arukshata Thakur, Mrinal Choudhary, Yashwant Singh


COVID-19, Standard error of mean, Standard error of the standard deviation, Student ‘t’ test, Chi-Square test.


In the present paper, the authors have made a study of several age group people to find a relative change in their life before and after COVID-19. The authors have made four groups: female above 30 years, male above 30 years, female below 30 years and male below 30 years. The authors have also display their results through column chart. The authors also signify their data by using Standard Error of Mean, Standard Error of the Standard Deviation and Student ‘t’ test. In the last the authors use Chi-Square test to find that the answers are given by people are not distributed normally.