Right to Education & Importance of Technical Aids to help PWD in Easy Learning




Person with Disabilities (PWD), Assistive Technology, Right to Education


Article 45 of our constitution provides equal rights over education to all the natives of its state irrespective of their gender, class, culture, ethnicity or disabled. People with disabilities (PWD) has been given similar rights by the constitution and no one can devoid them from getting a good education. Every citizen of any nation has every right to be educated and to live like everyone else. Societies are built with the very purpose of people living together and helping each other whenever required. We always support and help our family members whenever required. Likewise, we must also help those who are really in need in our surroundings without making them feel inferior and by showing empathy towards them. As per the constitution, every citizen has equal rights to live in harmony. So we must always respect the rights of other individuals. We must not discriminate against anyone, especially someone who is weaker than us in any manner. In modern times, technology has advanced a lot and we are now having many technical aids to help those with utter need. The role of technical aids in assisting the PWD in their education and other work is also very crucial to make their life easier. This paper aims at exploring the use of "assistive technology” or “the technical aids," which are there to assist PWD in education and at work