Social Glue: Traversing the Extent of Communication Channels and its Effectivity in an Organization as Perceived by the Public University’s Stakeholders




social glue, communication channels, extent of use, effectivity, success of organization


Due to the fact that it has a direct impact on the organization's effectiveness and success, the communication climate in a firm is vitally significant. As assessed by stakeholders in the Cagayan State University system, the extent to which communication channels are used and their effectiveness in an organization is the subject of this study. In this study, the researcher employed a quantitative approach. A descriptive-correlational strategy was used in this study, to be more specific. Findings would confirm that meetings result in choices being made more swiftly and employees being more active, particularly when it comes to addressing difficulties, problems, and concerns, as well as directing everyone toward the correct aim.... Moreover, meetings are the primary means by which critical organizational resources are pooled together in order to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of employees in the workplace. Additionally, it implies that the channels of communication that the organization usually employs are likewise considered to be "very effective." A communication route might include anything from meetings to reports to special directives to memorandums. A contributing factor to their perceived effectiveness may be the fact that these communication channels are frequently used to transmit information between and among stakeholders at the university