Utilization of ED Puzzle: An interactive tool in teaching practices


  • Sachin Kuckian, Mr. Adams Joe, Vineetha Anil


EDPuzzle, student engagement, out-class activities, coursework assessments


Brining into effect an interactive and student-oriented learning environment can be an important tool in teaching practices. However, as limited research corroborates the inclusion of flipped learning by using an interactive tool like EDPuzzle, the current study, therefore, conducted the survey on 53 students for a Civil Engineering, structural based problematic module. Further, it implemented a qualitative as well as quantitative methodology. In-class and out-class activities were undertaken to keep the students engaged and assess student performance. Enhancing the students' mathematical and analytical skills was then evaluated by the researcher. A survey was conducted using survey monkey, and it contained close-ended questions. When assessing the group from Spring 2019 before implementing the EDPuzzle to Fall 2019, after implementation, the results showed an increased percentage of exam pass rate from 85.11% to 97.06%. Lastly, in order to ameliorate classroom engagement, teachers can take recourse to a flipped classroom model. Moreover, owing to the constant change of technology, EDPuzzle will furnish an idea to the teachers about the incorporation and use of this technology.