Traditional Terracotta Craft of Asharikandi and the Cultural Legacy of Dhubri District of Assam


  • Mohibul Hoque


Terracotta, Asharikandi, Cultural legacy, Dhubri district.


The paper attempts to know how the craftsmen had settled in this tiny village with their profession, and how the terracotta creations carry the cultural legacy of this locality. This paper is not limited to these only; it also tries to give a glimpse of the production process, and the popular terracotta figures. Asharikandi is a terracotta and pottery cluster village in the district of Dhubri of Assam where the age-old terracotta is made. Though this profession gives the artisans of this village a very low level of income still they keep alive this beautiful art and carrying the cultural legacy through their productions. The terracotta items are representing the numerous cultural traits viz; the religion, rituals, rites, glorious history, socio-cultural changes in the society, etc of Dhubri district in narrow concept and Assam in broader terms