Analyzing Social Media role in E-Commerce


  • Dr. Shahid Minhas, Dr. Abdul Ghani, Dr. Tasaddaq Hussain, Faisal Irfan, Khurram Khurshid


Social Media, E-Commerce, Online Shopping, Business, Global Trade.


The study aims to examine the viability of social media in E-commerce. Social media not only enable users to communicate beyond local or global boundaries, but it also offers possibilities to trade online. social media has become a major player with other tactics to tackle the competitors. It does so by propagating products online and comparing them with other markets as well. It also gives general idea to the consumers about brands and their features and qualities. Therefore, the present study aims to analyse the role of social media in e-commerce by studying its influence considering the various social media. The study is quantitative in nature and survey method was used to collect the data from sampling size of 102. The results show that large number of respondents often shop online. The results also explore that the respondents believe social media has triggered the e-commerce as because of the access of social media to all and sundry which allows them to get aware of the new trends and products time to time. The study concludes that social media has create the survival of fittest phenomenon among the online brands and items hence, with the increase in e-commerce will help in economic growth.