Effects of Drugs Depiction in Bollywood Movies on Youth of District Gujranwala


  • Kiran Sajid, Dr. Shahid Minhas, Hamza Rehman Butt


Bollywood Movies, Smoking, Drug addiction, Gujranwala, Youth


Film is a most influential medium and has a huge impact on society, publics of different aspects have interests in different genre of film.  Undoubtedly, People are affected by various forms of media, but the power of films is an obvious reality. Film it is a sort of transferal that plays out a story by strong and a gathering of pictures giving the mental trip of industrious turn of events. In Pakistan, most of the people watch Bollywood movies due to same language and culture aspects. The study attempts to understand the effect of Bollywood movies. Precisely, the current study is focused on "Effects of Drugs Depiction in Bollywood Movies on Youth in District Gujranwala". The main purpose of the study was to find that is there any part of Indian movies in drug utilization among Pakistani young people. The study is quantitative in nature and survey method was used to investigate the issue. A structured questionnaire was developed and distributed among the participants via Google form. The assessment was clear in nature and instrument was the study for understudies and besides Indian films subject to portrayal of medications by performers. Sample of the study was 300 youngster’s female and male. Advantageous testing was applied to find the youthful response with respect to mediated use in Indian pictures and their part in drug utilization among Pakistani youth. The results showed that Indian movies depicting drug use conversely influence youth, such movies impacting their lifestyles and culture, their point of view, as each picked film has drug depiction by, critical minor and establishment characters and besides in music accounts, they are a wellspring of motivation for them. Exactly when they watch, they need to have some fun occasions that way, need to follow their number one entertainer/entertainers.