The Importance of Communication in English in the Field of Medicine


  • Dr. Amutha Monica. J, Dr. Sowmiya. L.M, Mr. Senthil Kumar. S


Doctor –Patient common language, prescription language, Medical transcription, Medicine carton flyer-communication-English language.


The English language has become inevitable in almost all fields of the earth. As borders between different countries become easier to cross in today's world, the importance of English is increasing significantly especially for professionals in the medical field. One must not stop with their mother tongue alone. If one wants to survive in this competitive world, then they must acquire the skills of one more language. As a result of globalization and accelerated exchange of information, specialists in the medical field need to understand the language of international communication as well as its special features and terminology. Hence English has become essential even in the medical field in order to save the lives of the patients worldwide. This paper tries to identify the importance of English in the field of medicine and its usefulness.